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All quotes are free and you are not obliged to follow through with anything. However, please be respectful with my time if you are purely enquiring without the intent to commission.

Office Location

Workshop 15, Knowle, Birmingham

Open Hours

M-F: 9am – 5pm



Frequently Asked Questions

DO You take commissions?

Yes. my whole job is commissioned based, so when you order a knife, I will order the materials and make the knife, and what remains will pay my wages.

What does the logo mean?

As soon as I was of age, I got my first tattoo in a relatively concealed place. It is in an ancient script called Elder Futhark as I wanted the meaning of it to be just for me. I decided that this language would perfect for the logo – spelling out WS.15 for Workshop 15

How long does it take to make a knife?

How long is a peice of string? It varies to be honest, but i would say in the region of 8-20 hours.

How do you even make a knife?

Good question! it is something that I have learnt (and still learning a lot) from a mix of youtube and a lot of practise and patience!

Do you heat treat the knives?

Completely depends on the steel to be honest. The majority of steel requires quite specific heat treatment temperatures etc, that I don’t have the facilities to execute well. Therefore I send my knives off for heat treatment to a guy who worked in metallurgy for 15 years, so he knows what he is doing! This is why I am able to produce knives from almost any steel that the customer wants.