Handcrafted boxes 


Boxes are a staple of any part of a home. A small piece in the middle of the table can make a welcome addition, or a slightly larger box can set the theme for the room. They can be used to present a lovely handmade knife, or they can be used to store some precious jewellery.



Box Joints

There are many different types of joints used in boxes, from a simple mitre, to a half lap dovetail. Each has their own purpose and each can be the showpiece of the item. However, the joint must fit the box. We can work together to choose the suitable joint to the style of box.

The wood

Possibly the most important part of the box is the choice of wood. A meticulously handcrafted box could be wasted if cheap pine is used, and on the contrary a lovely piece of walnut can be ruined by pairing with poor joints/wood choice. 

Custom Work

Whatever the occasion for the box, we can work together to create the perfect fit. Feel free to drop me a no obligation enquiry and we can discuss what you are after.


With boxes, it is possible to opt for some sort of personalisation. This generally comes in the form of inlays. I am able to provide a hand cut brass inlay to spell out a name or design. I can also do a coloured resin inlay with the same purpose. Depending on the image, I may be able to get away with inlaying an image. Head over to contact me for more information.

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